Reprecussions of getting involved in domestic violence case

Criminal law firm Toronto deals with many domestic violence cases as well as spousal attack cases. Whether your goal is to prove your innocence of all charges and finish your marital relationship or to reconcile with your partner and also resolve all these charges, our criminal law firm in Toronto definitely help you with that.


Repercussions of Domestic Violence Fees

If you have been accused of attacking or intimidating your spouse or a member of your family, you must seek legal help and representation quickly. An excellent Toronto criminal lawyer can help you defend your rights and get rid of the charges on you. District attorneys and police are generally reluctant to talk directly to an accused individual. If the Crown is seeking your apprehension pending trial, a knowledgeable criminal lawyer could definitely provide a more powerful and more engaging argument for your release to save you from any criminal charges.

The terms “spousal assault” and also “domestic violence” do not really show up throughout the criminal code of Canada. They are, however, used commonly by prosecutors, social workers, and the general public to refer to risks of physical damage and also fatality made to partners, as well as acts of physical violence committed against partners or family members.

Section 265( 1) of the Criminal Code states that an “attack” is committed when an individual:

  • applies force purposefully to a person, directly or indirectly, without the consent of that person
  • efforts or endangers, by an act or a gesture, to apply force to another individual, and also either has the capacity to carry out the endangered act or causes the other individual to think that she or he has the ability
  • accosts or impedes one more individual or asks while openly putting on or carrying a tool or imitation thereof

Assaults are generally prosecuted under section 266 of the Criminal Code, whether devoted versus one’s partner, a family member or a total unfamiliar person. Where an assault entails making use of a weapon or creates bodily damage, it is prosecuted as “attack with a weapon” or “assault causing physical harm” under cod 267 of the Criminal Code. Where an assault injuries, impairs, disfigures or jeopardizes the life of the victim, it is prosecuted as an aggravated assault under code 268 of the Criminal Code.

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